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   Schedule of Events

Golf Course and Clubhouse Events     

April 2018
  21st: 2nd Annual Chili Open & Spring Fundraiser for NCC
22nd: Bringing A Soldier Home Paint Party Fundraiser
28th & 29th: AUCE Pancakes $4.00 8am - 11am

May 2018
 *** Couples League Starts this Month. Date TBD.
 5th: Spring Fling (AM)
5th: Tacos, Tunes, & Tequila - Cinco De Mayo Party (PM)
18th: Member Member Practice
19th: Member Member Outing
26th: Graduation Party
28th: Memorial Day Scramble & Pot Luck

June 2018
 1st: Investment Club Party 2nd: Bachelor Party
3rd: Mens League Fun Day
8th: Mens MMC Outing
9th: Graduation Party
16th: Happy Birthday NCC *Inaugural Big Cup Tournament *Night Golf *Live Music 7pm - tentative
22nd: Gross Group Golf
23rd: Chamber Outing
29th-30th: Elizabeth has 2 days off in a row! #Chicago - Dave Matthews Band Concert

July 2018
 1st: Baby Shower
4th: 4th of July Scramble & Pot Luck
7th: Heritage Days Outing
7th: Class Reunion
14th: Class Reunion
19th: Ladies MMC Outing
21st: Class Reunion - under discussion
23rd: Couch Tour Luncheon and Social
26th: Thursday before Invite - No event will be scheduled. - Open for practice.
27th-29th: Invitational (no event on the 26th for additional practice times) *Live Music Saturday night - tentative

August 2018
3rd: OEM Outing
4th: Armitage Classic - modified from previous years, but still booked

5th: Mens Club Outing
7th: Law Enforcement Outing
10th: Patrick’s Party Part 1
11th: Lion’s Club Outing
11th: Patrick’s Party Party 2
12th: Club Championship
13th: Tavern League Outing
18th: Jacoby Open
19th: Knights of Columbus
 25th: Placeholder for Tommy’s Hilltop (Waiting for confirmation. Tommy’s is for sale.)
26th: Mens League Fun Day

September 2018
1st: Seelow Outing
2nd: Seelow Family Outing
3rd: Labor Day Scramble & Pot Luck
8th: Class Reunion
9th: Breakfast & Big Cup
15th: Hatfield Open
18th: Senior Ryder
20th Small Core Aeration of Greens
22nd: HS Baseball Alumni Outing (AM)
29th: Neillsville vs The World Ryder Cup

October 2018
 6th: “Sam's Revenge”
7th: Customer Appreciation (date could change to work around Packer game when schedule is released)
13th: 1st Weber Customer Appreciation
14th: NCC Customer Appreciation
20th: Birthday Party
27th: Halloween Party

November 2018
17th: Tipsy Spending Widow’s Fair December 2018
8th: Cookie Exchange
15th: Ugly Sweater Christmas Party


To schedule an on-course event call the club at - 743-3780

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